Finished Work

This flamed koa steel string (patterned after a Martin 000-12 fret) is being readied for exhibit in a show at the Brattleboro Museum.


Harrypolish.jpg (40099 bytes)
Harry rubs the last spot out of a recently-finished flamed Koa classic guitar


wedge6 rabbit.jpg (37411 bytes) Joel Zoss kept a small special amulet with him at all times. It was a pewter running rabbit. He asked me to inlay a pearl replica of it at the 12th fret of his Cumpiano wedge cutaway.
A Hawaiian curly Koa wedge cutaway classic guitar. The compound cutaway is an especial challenge to make, but affords a smooth transition from heel to cutaway. Koa wedge classic back 2.jpg (362755 bytes)

Koa wedge classic back 4.jpg (37493 bytes)

Same as above. Those are graphite/stainless steel tuning machines with ebony knobs made by luthier/engineer John Gilbert


Graphitewedge.jpg (43860 bytes)

A Curly koa wedge graphite Jazz Classic made for a American Crafts Museum exhibit in New York.