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I've been making fretted stringed instruments
by hand, of unexcelled quality,  for almost three decades. Please select among the links below to find out more about my career, my work, and how to obtain a Wm. R. Cumpiano guitar.

William's accomplishments, experience and credentials
    A thirty-year love affair with these small, singing wooden boxes

Obtaining your Cumpiano guitar
    I'll build one for you -- or I may have one ready-made that's right for you!

A gallery of past Cumpiano steel-string guitars
    Every instrument different, every one designed to meet a  player's requirements ... and thus, every one cherished!

A gallery of past Cumpiano classic guitars
    My intention is to work within the traditional continuum ... innovatively

A gallery of past traditional Latin-American and Caribbean string instruments
    William is Puerto Rican -- his love for his heritage is displayed in his cuatros,  tiples and requintos

A gallery of past special projects and other instruments by William R. Cumpiano
    Ergonomic wedge designs,   a patented carbon fibre laminate soundboard -- recipes for the new millennium