Would you like to try out a Cumpiano Guitar?

We will ship you one of the guitars listed in the "Currently in Stock" gallery in our "How to obtain a Cumpiano guitar" page for your evaluation--if you are willing to accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. You must send us a cashier's check for full listed price of the guitar plus the shipping, insurance and handling costs to your location. We can approximate these costs during your initial request call to us (413) 586-3730 (11am to 6:30pm EST). We have our instruments professionally packaged so we can avail ourselves of the shipper's insurance, and should our claim be refused due to faulty packaging, we make a claim on the free damage insurance our packager offers.
  2. We will ship you the guitar after we receive your cashier's check in the mail. In the guitar case, we will include a copy of our "guitar look-over sheet" which notes any and all marks or scratches that the guitar may have, a result of a careful scrutiny of it's actual condition.
  3. We will hold your cashier's check uncashed for a week's time after you notify us of the instrument's safe arrival. When it arrives, you should save all the packing materials for it's possible return trip.
  4. You can evaluate the instrument for one week. Upon deciding if you would like to own it, you will notify us, and we will cash your check and mail you an owner's invoice, warranty and other owner's papers. Enjoy!
  5. If you choose to return it un-purchased, you should slacken the strings, pull out the end pin (if any), return it to it's shipping container and ship it to back to us with appropriate insurance postpaid.
  6. We will compare the instrument's condition upon receipt and if sound, we will immediately return your cashier's check (you can cash it back yourself at your bank). If the instrument has suffered any damage, we will send you a shop check for the amount of cashier's check minus the cost of  returning it to a saleable condition if it has been scuffed or damaged.