Cumpiano "In-The-White" Guitars

I've accumulated a variety of beautiful Cumpiano instruments that are completed and playable, but have yet to be finished. They will eventually be finished and added to inventory at a indeterminate time in the future, but you can commission a specific one of them ahead of time, and it can be finished and delivered to you. These instruments (which I made while teaching) can be commissioned at a price usually $1-2000 below what it would cost to custom-make a similar one. Another advantage is that the waiting time for delivery is only 1-2 months rather than the current 10-14 for custom-made instruments.

There are more in-the-white classic guitars available in my shop than those illustrated here. I will be updating this page frequently with recent work and new arrivals.

You can see other Cumpiano classic guitars that were made expressly for their owners here.


I-CLASSIC GUITARS (Steel-string in-the-white guitars here)

Cocobolo/Englemann Classic Guitar                               

Back, sides, bindings and headstock veneer cut from same plank;
Brazilian rosewood bridge, Mahogany neck, Ceylon ebony fingerboard
Natural cocobolo sapwood backstripe; Kermodie
spruce soundboard (a Sitka-Englemann-Eastern White spruce hybrid)

$3800.00 plus case

Sold    (see this guitar after finishing, before delivery, below)

Cococlassbig2.jpg (94386 bytes)

Cococlassbig.jpg (94152 bytes)

Cococlasssmall2.jpg (20655 bytes) Cococlasssmall3.jpg (21230 bytes)

After finishing, and before delivery:

Brazilian Rosewood Classic Guitar                               

German Silver Spruce soundboard
Maple bindings, Mahogany neck
$4100.00 plus case


brazclasswhite3.jpg (32165 bytes)

Brazclasswhite.jpg (33835 bytes)Brazilian Rosewood Classic in the white

Bee's Wing Mahogany Classic Guitar                               

Northern Redcedar soundboard
Brazilian rosewood bindings
$3500.00 plus case




beeswing2.jpg (29254 bytes)

Here's this in-the-white Cumpiano guitar after it was purchased, then finished.

East Indian Rosewood Classic Guitar                               

Englemann Spruce soundboard
Matching rosewood bindings, Mahogany neck
$3750.00 plus case 


Indianclasswhite3.jpg (79289 bytes)

Indianclasswhite2.jpg (75549 bytes) Indian classic in the white

After taking it home, owner Michael Griffin (owner of Luthier's Care Violin Shop and Bassist for the Rochester
Philharmonic Orchestra) commented:

I was up 'til midnight playing the guitar, and I'm VERY happy with it. It has everything that I wanted in a
guitar. I especially like the box size, it fits me well. The sound is live and vital in all registers, and I think
it's already making a better player of me! Thank you.

Spanish Cypress Flamenco Guitar                               

Pacific Redcedar soundboard
Brazilian rosewood bindings, Mahogany neck
$3350.00 plus case



flam.jpg (71487 bytes)

flamenco2.jpg (17976 bytes)  flamenco3.jpg (16194 bytes)

This Cumpiano flamenco guitar was acquired by the Governor of Massachusetts' Chief of Staff, David Morales--a superb singer
in his own right. This is how it appeared after it was finished for him in 2008:

Thai Rosewood Cutaway Classic                               

Thai Rosewood (Dahlbergia Cochinchinensis) back and sides
Kermodie (Hybrid) Spruce soundboard; Curly Hawaiian koa bindings and rosewood purfilings,
Mahogany neck, Ceylon ebony fingerboard, abalone backstripe

$4250.00 plus case


Thaicutaway.jpg (58091 bytes)


This guitar was sold to a guitarist from Spain, Pepe Losada who traveled to my Northampton, Massachusetts shop to pick it up. I took several photographs before he took it home with him:

It's new owner is the Spaniard, Pepe Losada, a marvelous player who likes his new guitar so much, he recorded himself playing his new Cumpiano Cocobolo classic cutaway on YouTube!