...here are some views of the smoke-free guest apartment at William and Jeanette's house, reserved for our tutorial participants:

DSCN2272.jpg (32431 bytes)

The apartment consists of a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a walk-in closet with a microwave and refrigerator. Above, you are in the living room, looking out through the patio door (which is also a private entrance) which leads out to a deck. The sofa is in front of an open partition wall, with the bedroom behind.
A view to the bedroom behind the partition can be seen immediately below:

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An antique bureau is provided for clothing and a queen sized bed is on a raised parquet platform. The builder brought an actual tree log (center) to trim the edge of the partition, bringing a japanese flair and a feeling of the outside into the room.

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Above: The living room showing the home entertainment system and my extensive guitarmaking library.

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The apartment, made in 2002, has a ceramic tile floor.


DSCN2276.jpg (73847 bytes)

And finally a view from the apartment's patio door to the deck to our back yard. Welcome!