Brian Galbraith writes:

There is very little I can say that will convey what an amazing experience Bill Cumpiano’s guitar-making class is, except that his course is designed to de-fat the confused mind and focus learning in solid acoustic and architectural principles with respect to guitar making.


Bill builds guitars like he lives his life—calm, relaxed, yet purposeful and with great imagination and freedom. Which is refreshing, for within his course, much of my false assumptions about acoustics were dashed mightily, but replaced with demonstrated and proven scientific truths. He brought my understanding and perspective of luthiery to a whole new level.


As well, I was made aware of what a merciful result a great sounding guitar is—the product of a million decisions made mostly subconsciously. Or better yet, the result of symbiotic navigation of a proverbial river, paddling within a current that can never be controlled—only suppressed or diverted.


Bill’s technique minimizes suppression, and teaches that the possibilities are always being redefined, or better understood. He produces beautiful guitars of sonic and esthetic excellence by balancing the known with the unknowable. If you come willing to follow his directives, I promise you will build a guitar to enjoy for a lifetime. I know, because that's what I did.