Roger Cash's evaluates
his two-week tutorial experience
at the Cumpiano workshop...

RogerCash.jpg (15441 bytes)
Above, Roger Cash strings up his 1910 Martin/Ditson
parlor guitar recreation for the first time!


 My experience with William Cumpiano at his studio in Northampton, Massachusetts was totally positive. As a craftsman, I found his instruction in the building of my guitar to be professional and thorough. Helpful as well as fascinating music, guitar theory and history accompanied the actual construction lessons. William is a good teacher. As a somewhat sensitive person I appreciated his relaxed and accommodating attitude. Very encouraging. He seemed to quickly gauge my level of skills and tailored my two weeks just right.

We finished my beautiful guitar in perfect time. I had the good fortune of being the first occupant of the new guest apartment on the lower level of William and Jeanette's home. It is spacious and charming. Very comfortable. These are the warmest and most gracious people you will ever have the pleasure to spend time with.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but this was indeed my experience.

Roger Cash.